Who we R?

Gospel House – Foundation

We operate under – “Gospel House” Foundation.

The main goals of our activities are:

  • Promoting the general knowledge about the music and stearing the pasion for music.
  • Founding, leading, supporting choirs and musical bands.
  • Leading popularizing educational activities and supporting the organization in all initiatives related to music and other artistic activities.
  • Acting along towards local communities integration and popularizing musical culture in the society.
  • Wide use of mass media to propagate beneficial social phenomenon and social positive behaviors, especially in relation to the development of gospel music.
  • Acting towards European integration and development of contacts and cooperation between societies through promoting Polish achievements in the range of music and culture.
  • Promoting all artistic events within gospel music phenomena and related musical styles amongst the general public, especially children, youth, and members of the Foundation.
  • Supporting the gospel music development through inspiration and perfection of performers.
  • Supporting and promoting the newest technologies that may target the development and improvement of human communication.
  • Leading and supporting social and educational activities on the broadly defined field of art & culture.
  • And many others…

We want to achieve those goals through:

  • Initiating and organizing concerts, festivals, competitions , auditions, installations, lectures, shows, meetings with distinguished composers, trainings, workshops and other forms of influence
  • Cooperation with public institutions and social organisations
  • Promotional, informational, publishing, educational activities in the range of music and gospel music.
  • Supporting of activities, people and institutions confluent with the goals of the Foundation.
  • Participating in educational initiatives, especially in the area of musical and cultural education.
  • Our activities are grounded in over decade personal experience – related to founding and leading of over thirty people gospel choir. This knowledge is also supported by our education in this area acquired on the other side of the ocean, and later on in one of the most prestigious Music Academy in Poland. My wife and I are graduate of Lee University with a degree of MA in Church Music. It is there, where during our education time we were able to cooperate with few gospel choirs. Especially during two years period participating in all activities of the Lee Campus Choir, traveling, ministering and giving concerts along the east coast of the United States. In addition Anna accomplished her Master degree in Composition, Interpretation, Education and Jazz in K. Szymanowski Music Academy in Katowice in specialty of Composition and Arrangement, where currently she is leading a vocal bands class.
  • Our choir achieved several successes in the country and abroad. Till now our activity was operating upon kindness of other organisations and institutions which supported us with legislative and logistic hand. Along with the vision of the foundation, we plan to become more independent and visible in our area.
  • It is our desire for the Gospel House to become eventually a place that will bring a lot of joy to the local community, and also be a place of change for better to everyone who visits or participates in our events.


phone (+48).78.585.9600
pointerul. Batorego 6, 41-506 Chorzów