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Gospel House – is the people with passion that understand the sense of fulfilment and the meaning of God’s joy in today’s wild and full of challenges world. These are the people, who put their whole hearts in whatever they do. And what they love to do the most is to share a good news with the world. Why? Because life has sense, because life is beautiful, and because all people around are worth it.

Gospel House – it is the place, where basing on the gospel values in connection to educational and artistic resources, everyone may experience warmth and life inspiration. We believe that such combination, is one of the strongest arguments in common battle against feeling of nonsense, personal difficulties, and many other serious life problems.


Its happening

Definitely there is something that you may be willing to share with others. If you know you got a musical talent, you enjoy nice harmony and you “feel the blues” – come and visit. It might be so that we need you in here. At the moment we are looking for voices: (basses, tenors, altos, and sopranos).

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Gospel House choir

It is a vocal-instrumental band born of the over decade activities of another silesian gospel group called “Z Milosci”, which they are pretty tied together with. This group is active mainly arround the Silesia although they perform in Poland and abroad, sharing their passion and love for gospel music. Their concerts express the unique “explosive energy”, which will leave a positive trace in hearts of listeners for long time.



…The Gospel*…is not a doctrine of the tongue, but of life. It cannot be grasped by reason and memory only, but it is fully understood when it possesses the whole soul and penetrates to the inner recesses of the heart.” (John Calvin)

(Polski) UWAGA – GHC NABÓR 2019/2020 – ZAPRASZAMY !

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Becoming a father is an amazing event in mans life – by pastor Edwin Ricardo.


Being a first-time father is exciting. When my eldest son, Boaz, was born, I was so excited to hold,

carry, play, and feed him. I was talking to him while he was still in Louella’s womb. So when he was finally born, I felt an instant connection – like we knew each other already.

I had learned some basic fatherly skills and it was very rewarding seeing Boaz respond to my care. But one thing I had a very difficult time with was handling Boaz was when he was crying. Boy, was he loud and persistent! I thought I needed to come up with a strategy to deal with him when he was in the mood for crying “like a rock star”.

Using a business-like approach. I came up with a 4-pronged strategy:

  • First, check his diaper… change it if dirty.  If that isn’t the problem, go to step 2: feed him. If that fails, go to step 3: carry him and rock himwhile dancing (more vigorously would work). If everything fails, use step 4 which worked like magic: “Hand him over to his mom”.There is just an unbreakable connection between every mother and baby. It is such a force of nature, a design by the Almighty that baffles everyone who tries to understand it. Within seconds, Louella knew exactly what Boaz needed. Within minutes, Boaz was back to being a “sunshine boy,” smiling and playing with us. Mother and child could seem to communicate in a level so deep, beyond words, just by looking at and being around each other. That is something that I tried to hard to duplicate but never quite managed to do.When I think about this experience, a Bible passage comes to my mind. It is found in Isaiah 49:15:”Can a woman forget her nursing child And have no compassion on the son of her womb? Even these may forget, but I will not forget you.
  • As great a mother Louella is, I cannot help but think of how God sees us. It is highly unlikely that a mother will lose her compassion toward her infant….but even if she would, we can hold on to this great promise from God. As strong as the bond between mother and child is, the prophet Isaiah reminds us that God has greater bond — a wonderful compassion for us. His promise is that He will never forget us.

Furthermore, in Matthew 7 we read :

“If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!”

As we celebrate the Christmas season, remember how good is the God we serve, He is full of compassion, full of love, ever forgiving, always gentle, graceful and always looking out what is best for us.

Edwin Ricardo.





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